How to be Happy!

Being happy is not as easy as we think. We have so many things going on in our life that sometimes it is so hard to forget about everything and be happy. I have learned that being happy is also some sort of a skill you have to learn. It takes time and maybe you just have to go through some horrible times to learn that happiness still exists. I have learned that you are as happy as you make up your mind to be. I’m not a happiest person in the world but I have learned to focus on the positives things in my life and just be happy.

Here are eight things that I try to do everyday to be happy and I have realized that these actually works!

1)Let go of your past

Memories are good, even the bad ones. It feels great to look back to it sometimes but dwelling over it all the time is probably the worse thing you could do.Your past can be your lesson, inspiration, and motivation and that’s what you should take from it.

2) Don’t worry about things that might happen

I worry about things so much. I sometimes forget what I’m worrying about hasn’t even happened yet or it might never happen. Have you ever put your favorite pair of glasses in your head and looked everywhere for it, except your head. Do you remember how much worried you were! I sure do.

3)  Be positive

Oh, my god! This is like something I really need to work on. I consider myself a very positive person. Well, most of the time but sometimes I just can’t help it. Negative thoughts are most likely to cross your mind when you are stressed. So, you need to keep yourself calm at times like these and focus in positives things in your life.

4) Trust other people

I think I have a trust issue or something. I talk with people and become friends with them but I push them away when they try to get closer. I know, we act like we can handle everything on our own or at least I do, but the truth is we can’t. I know how hard it is to trust people this days but if someone is really there trusting you, don’t be afraid to give them a chance.

5) Live life without any regrets

Forget about the mistakes you have made in the past. Who doesn’t make mistakes?  It’s time that you let go of them and learn from your mistakes. Your life is precious, and it’s not worth any regrets. Mistakes can be your lessons but that’s only if you are welling to learn. 

6) Forgive people

Who hasn’t been hurt? The answer is all of us.Who hasn’t had wrong people in their lives? Again, probably all of us. So, Just keep in mind that you are not alone and forgive people for whatever they have done to you. Forgiving someone only means you have now let go of all the pains. You have set yourself free; you have chosen to be happy.

7) Accept loved ones for who they are

We all know that everyone of us is different from one another in some ways. We might have different styles, opinions, preferences and views from other but it doesn’t mean any of us is wrong. It only means that we are individuals and each of us have our own identities.  All you need to do is try to be open minded and put your ego a side for a while because regardless of  everything, the truth is we have so much love to give and so much to receive.

8) Accept yourself for who you are

Yes, you need to accept yourself. None of us are perfect but that doesn’t make us imperfect. That’s what makes us different from each other. We are unique and beautiful in our own ways and you would be much happier if you would just stop comparing and complaining. 

Thank you Yamuna Dahal for allowing us to share this post.