Microsoft unveils the new Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft, this Tuesday, revealed it’s new Surface Book, which also comes to become the first laptop made by Microsoft. The Microsoft Surface Book is a 13-inch convertible laptop version of it’s previous surface tablets. It comes with a 13.5 inch display, which supports both the stylus and touch input. Microsoft famously marketed the product to be more than twice as fast as the Apple’s powerful Macbook pro.

Microsoft Unveils Surface Book

Microsoft is marketing it’s new Surface Book to have 12-hour battery life. It is equipped with a glass trackpad and a keyboard, designed by Microsoft itself. The good feature of this surface book is that it can detach itself from the keyboard, and can be used like an tablet at ease.

Microsoft also marketed this book for gamers, as well as enterprise and professional users, stating that it has more power to be able to run those things. It will be available for online orders and at retail stores starting October 26. The price for the base model Surface Book starts at $1,499, and adds up as you add more feature or power.