Mac vs Windows – The never ending argument explained.

Which is better, Macs or Windows? – it is perhaps one of the most asked question you will ever witness in the online world. The reason it is a never ending argument is because it is not something you can answer for everyone. For some, Windows may be better and for some Macs. Today, we will analyze the pros and cons of Mac and Windows to help you decide which computer you would want to get this Christmas.

Hardware: Now let’s talk hardware! In term of hardware, I would argue that Macs are better then Windows and here’s why. Since Apple makes both the hardware and software for the Mac, the computer will work smoothly as they have better software and hardware integration. Macs are also known to last longer then windows. On the other hand, Window’s are painful. Since Microsoft just makes the Windows OS, and other companies manufactures the actual hardware for Windows, it’s not super easy to find a Windows machine whose hardware is as good as you want it to be. And your average windows machine won’t last that long compared to Macs .

Software: Oh, software! It is definitely a big point to consider when buying your machine. This is the point most Windows fan use in argument to defeat the Mac guys. In term of software, Windows probably take the first place. There are so many software and applications available for Windows, anything from a simple tool to advanced softwares are available for Windows. Unlike Windows user, Mac user don’t have much option to chose from when it comes to software, although this is changing as more and more apps are being developed for the Mac everyday.

Security: There has been so many concern about security in the last few years , thus, everyone seems to worry about security and privacy, which they should. So, here’s my take on security on Windows and Macs. In today’s world, nothing is really that secure. If security is your main concern when buying a computer, then i would suggest you to get a Mac. Macs are known to be far more secure than Windows machine. It has been traditionally said that “Mac don’t get any viruses.” This may not be true but still it’s safe to consider that macs are way safer than PCs and are less vulnerable to malware and viruses. In fact, most of the Macs user never run any antivirus program. However, on Windows, you cannot really survive without a good antivirus software. The main reason Windows has so many viruses and malware is because more than lets say 90% of the computers runs Windows, so there are far more viruses created for windows then there is for Mac.

I think these are the top three factors one would probably considered before buying a new computer. Of course there are other things someone would worry about such as if it is good for gaming, designing, web browsing and such. Macs and Windows both are good for web browsing, watching movies, designing, editing photos, videos and other general work. If you are a gamer, i would definitely suggest you to consider getting a window pc with higher specs. At the end, it all depends on your needs and the way you want to use your device.